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Meet our Doctor

Doctor Rial, D.C., LMT; graduated from Univeristy of Western States.  He is a Licensed Massage Therapist as well as a Board Certified Chiropractor.  He employs both chiropractic skills and massage therapy to provide his patients with the most therapeutic pain relief. 

I was introduced to the Chiropractic Healthcare Model in 1981 by Dr. Jim Hether in Port Orange, Florida.  Over several months, he was able to resolve my back pain with no medication.  As a teenager, I had a lot of low back pain and usually took Doan’s pills or Ibuprofen to relieve the pain.  When Dr. Hether examined my body and spine, he noticed that my left leg length was 7mm shorter than my right.  He also found that my 5th lumbar vertebra was rotated to the right due to the fact that my left pelvis was posterior as compared to the right.  Since I had been affected by this for such a long time, probably from falling out of the many trees I climbed as a youth, my body had acquired an incorrect spinal pattern that caused other vertebral segments to try to compensate for this dysfunction of my pelvis.  I was given Chiropractic Spinal Manipulations three times a week initially then as I progressed my treatments came to once a month.  Eventually, I was able to maintain my progress with periodic care.  I was so impressed by how well I felt that I wanted to understand more about this model of Healthcare.  Dr. Hether introduced me to other patients he had helped by his spinal manipulation treatment.  I was intrigued to the point that I wanted to pursue this as a career.  I had always wanted to be a Doctor when I was younger, but I couldn’t handle the surgical part of the Medical Physician career.  This model of healthcare would fit into my persona and I could still be a Doctor.

Along this career path, I was involved in a Motor Vehicle (rear-end) Collision and later an accident at work.  Both times, I sought Chiropractic Care with Dr. Ken Hansen to resolve my back, neck, and left shoulder issues.  While I was going thru my rehabilitation from the Motor Vehicle Collision, I was receiving Massage Therapy.  I found that this was a powerful adjunct to Chiropractic care.  I understood this combination better when I was injured at work because I was not getting Massage Therapy with Chiropractic care.  I found that I was not progressing as fast with my rehabilitation as I had before.  I sought out a Veteran Naturopath Dr. Stan Malstrom who was well known for his myofascial treatments.  He performed this type of therapy on my thoracic spine and left shoulder to the degree that I was able to have complete function in my left shoulder again.  This awareness brought me to become educated and licensed as a Massage Therapist in 1993.  Eventually, I made my way to the University of Western States, and in 1998 I completed my childhood wish to become a Doctor.  Since that time, I have seen several patients with the same symptoms that I had when I was being treated by Dr. Hether, Dr. Hansen, and Dr. Malstom.  I can personally say that I understand a patient’s symptoms because I have been there myself.

I have been a Gresham resident since 1994.  The longest I have ever lived in one town my entire life.  When I first came to Gresham, I was one of the Massage Therapists at Herbs & I.  I worked with Judy and her staff there until I started at University of Western States.  While attending Western States, my wife and I managed an apartment complex in Gresham.  Near the end of my doctorate work, I was the handyman at Courtyard Fountains in Gresham when it first opened in 1997.  I am the typical male who likes to fix things.  My children have attended schools in the Gresham area.  Most have been involved in the Music Departments.  I have had the privilege of working with several educators in the Gresham / Barlow, Reynolds, Centennial, Corbett and Oregon Trail Districts.  I have really enjoyed my friendship with them and appreciate their career and the stress it is to be an educator. 

Since I am an Eagle Scout, (hence the name Eagle Chiropractic & Massage Therapy) I enjoy being a part of Boy Scouts Troops in the Gresham area with the Thunderbird District.  Each summer, I take the opportunity to volunteer one week at Camp Cooper for the Cascade Pacific Council’s Advanced Youth Leadership Training.  I consider this to be an exceptional program for teaching Leadership to Young Men.  Corporations would be jealous of this program and the values, principles, leadership, and discipline it teaches.

I enjoy living in the Gresham area.  The days that I can see the Majesty of Mount Hood makes it all worthwhile.  My dream is to own a home that has an unobstructed view of this glorious creation, except for the clouds.

"If I can teach the community one thing, it is that Chiropractic care is not just about relieving back pain, but is a wellness care philosophy."

Dr. Douglas Rial, Chiropractic Physician and Owner of Eagle Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Clinic

"Just Wait 'Til We Get Our Hands On You"